Mika Singh Asks Artists To Show Support For Gurdas Maan


Gurdas Maan Mika Singh: The Gurdas Maan controversy is not going away. In fact, it has escalated over the last few days. It seems every Punjabi has a view on it. MP’s to music fans have all commented on the events of the weekend. Well, almost every Punjabi has commented on it as Mika Singh’s tweets from yesterday highlight, why are so many artists quite on the subject.

Mika Singh always speaks his mind and no one can deny that. Whether people agree with him or not is subjective but he does make it clear which side of the fence he stands. On Tuesday evening he took to social media to ask where was the support from fellow Punjabi artists for Gurdas Maan! The tweets are below:

For many years Gurdas Maan has received lots of love from the Punjabi Industry and its fans, but it seems in his hour of need many are turning against him. The surprising aspect of the whole thing is how little views the original radio interview has got compared to edited versions of it. How will the issue play out no one knows but one thing that Gurdas Maan and his team do need to do is to push the interview in full to highlight to people what was actually said and then add clarity to his stance on the subject.

The silence from the camp is deafening and that is only making the situation worse.

Check out the videos below of Bhagwant Mann & Rupinder Handa talking about Gurdas Maan

Gurdas Maan Mika Singh


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