Mika Singh Talks Ban & Says ‘I will continue to do good for India’


Mika Singh Talks Ban: The Federation Of Western India Cine Employees’ (FWICE) is the governing body of all the 24 crafts of filmmaking in India. They had on Wednesday issued a statement saying that it was deeply pained and anguished by the performance of singer Mika Singh In Pakistan.

Mika Singh was in Pakistan to perform at the wedding of Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf’s cousin’s daughters wedding in Karachi. FWICE had issued a blanket ban on artists performing in Pakistan amid recent tensions between the two countries.

Over the weekend and after returning from Pakistan Mika Singh has now spoken about the recent controversies. Mika Singh has stated that he will continue to do good for India despite FWICE’s decision to ban him from playback singing, giving public performances and acting in the country, following his gig in Pakistan. The singer is expected to meet FWICE officials on Tuesday, after which the Federation will take a final call on its decision to ban him.

On Sunday, Mika tweeted a video of FWICE President B.N. Tiwari in which he mentioned receiving a letter from the singer. “In the letter, he (Mika) said he would accept everything mentioned by the Federation had he made a mistake and will also apologise to the entire nation,” Tiwari said in the over a minute-long video.

The singer captioned the video saying: “I would like to sincerely thank Mr B.N. Tiwari and #FWICE for being so understanding towards me and my sentiments. As I always have done, I will continue to do good for my society and the people of my country. JaiHind.. #Supportindiansingers #Banpaksitanisingers.”

Mika has also urged the FWICE not to impose any restriction on him without hearing him out.

On the day of Independence Day, Mika chanted ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ at Wagah Border while returning back to India from Pakistan. He took to Twitter to share a video where he can be seen chanting the slogan in front of a crowd at Wagah Border.

The FWICE statement read:
“Deeply pained and anguished by the performance of singer, Mika Singh alias Amrik Singh at the wedding of former President of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf’s cousin’s daughter in Karachi, followed by the height of tension and broken relations between India and Pakistan, which is shocking, shameful and shattering. Since the cultural bridge between India and Pakistan is under siege, his performance sent shivers down the spine of every Indian. Mika Singh’s unbridled greed for money over the nation indicates a total non-application of mind and smacks of roguish, mala fide and traumatic intentions.”
It further stated, “We at FWICE have zero tolerance for such acts and unanimously condemn it as anti-national, unpatriotic and ghastly and totally ban Mika Singh alias Amrik Singh and the 14 crew members who participated in the presentation from any performance, recording, playback singing, acting in India. We humbly appeal the production houses, music directors, event managers, All India Radio, all FM stations, music companies, recording companies, national TV and satellite channels and others related, to boycott Mika Singh for any musical activity irrevocably forever.”

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