Mika Singh & The Trolling!! What Have You Booked?


Punjabi Bollywood singer Mika Singh’s attempts at doing a “Michael Jackson” really did back fire. In addition to a barrage of abuse from fans highlighting the waste of money, it seems other artists are now trolling the singer.

The singer took to Instagram to share that he had booked the entire first class on a flight because he wanted to travel alone without any disturbance, whether this was just an attempt to be funny or not we do not know!

In the video shared, Mika says, “There was a time when Michael Jackson used to say that he wants to travel alone and today, I want to travel alone. I want no disturbance, ek bhi aadmi mujhe first class mein nazar nahi aana chaiye, so I booked the entire first class for myself.

The singer Shaan then trolled Mika like a boss! In a video shared on Twitter, Shaan says that inspired by Mika, he, too, booked all lanes at a bowling arcade for him and his family. “Paaji, follow kar rahe hai aapko,” he says towards the end of the video.

He captioned the video as, “Inspired by @MikaSingh booking entire First Class of Emirates.. dekhiye main kya kar baitha.” The lane was not actually booked but just empty.

Now, it seems that it night just be catching on, with the BBC’s Asian Network host joining in the comedy capers with his light hearted video!


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