Miss Pooja Passes Another Milestone – Video Shoot Number 850!


Every Punjabi music fan around the world has at some time in their lives danced to a Miss Pooja song. Gurinder Kaur Kainth AKA Miss Pooja first burst onto the scene in 2006 and has never looked back since. Hit after hit, tour upon tour and very rarely in the headlines for the wrong reasons. Miss Pooja is that role model that people look for in musicians.

Today Miss Pooja took to social media and uploaded a clip of her latest song alongside The Landers.  The message within the post highlighted that this was Miss Pooja’s 850th video shoot! Yep, that’s right 850 and still going strong! What a lady.

Jaan Ton Piyari was the debut video from Pooja in 2006 alongside singer Darshan Khella. Who at that point would have thought that Miss Pooja would have made such an impact on the music scene?

The first video that went global was ‘Tere Karke’ (Petrol 1) this song was everywhere. Mehfil’s, parties and weddings, this song saw Pooja hit the headlines and become the ‘go-to’ female singer for duets. Miss Pooja had arrived.

The amazing stat of 850 video shoots is record-breaking and Pooja has broke records before! Pooja holds the record for the most songs recorded in a year.  A stunning 1500 songs in a year i.e. in 365 days, including recording10 songs in one day. That’s not it, she once recorded 25 songs in a day for a regional album also. The lady is not one for stopping and us as music fans love the fact she is still going strong!!

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