Mohammed Kabir Jailed After A Crazy 48 Hours


Mohammed Kabir harassed female betting shop workers and then exposed himself to one of them has been banned from entering every bookmakers in Accrington. Kabir launched a ‘vile’ campaign of making aggressive and sexual comments to women and girls ended up dropping his trousers and exposing himself in a bookmakers.

Burnley Crown Court heard Mohammed Kabir, 31, called some of his victims prostitutes, told them to perform sex acts on him, spat at them, slapped one in the face and also threatened to stab or kill them.

Prosecutor Stephen Parker said when police went to arrest Kabir in relation to breaching his bail for those offences he pulled a knife on them and threatened slash their throats.

The court heard that at 9.30pm on September 24, drug addict Kabir went into a bookmakers in Hyndburn, looked at the name badge of a female worker and asked how old she was.

Mr Parker said Kabir then started asking her personal questions – if she had a boyfriend and how many people she had slept with. When a male worker asked Kabir to leave he became aggressive, began waving his arms around and made sexually abusive comments to the woman.

He then said he was a drug dealer, he would get his boys to rape her and he wanted to kill her.

Kabir then started making kissing gestures towards her before telling his victim he wanted her to perform a sex act on him. At that point he dropped his trousers and exposed his genitals.

Staff then pressed the panic alarm and Kabir left.

  • Earlier the same day Kabir had gone into a chip shop on Burnley Road, Accrington, and when he was told to leave his bike outside he used sexually abusive language towards a female employee. When he was told to leave, he made a punching motion from outside the shop. He then opened the door and said: “I’m going to get that girl. I’m going to get her when she finishes work.”
  • Mr Parker said that at 1.30pm the following day Kabir went into the William Hill bookmakers in Accrington and began making obscene gestures towards a female employee before he left and staff locked him out.

The victim of that offence told police: “I think Kabir’s off his medication. He had a look in his eyes. He looked strange and appeared completely unpredictable.”

  • Later that afternoon Kabir approached a 14-year-old girl in Hyndburn Road, Accrington, and after asking her if she smoked called her a prostitute and a b****. He then said: “I’m a drug dealer. I’m going to stab and slash you.” The girl rang her dad to come and pick her up and sought refuge at a family member’s workplace.
  • Kabir went on to approach a 15-year-old schoolgirl on the same road and said he was a drug dealer and asked her if she wanted some cocaine. When the girl said she needed to leave Kabir called her a prostitute. When the girl said she was going to call the police Kabir spat in her face.
  • At 4pm Kabir was outside Ladbrokes in the town centre on his bike and approached a female employee. She described him as previously being an overly-polite harmless nuisance who often came in looking for money that had been left around.

On this occasion Kabir said to her: “I don’t know whether to fight you or have sex with you. I don’t know what you are. I want to fight you. I am a drug dealer.”

  • Shortly after, Kabir approached two 16-year-old college students in the town centre called them prostitutes and asked them to perform a sex act on him. With one of the girls on the verge of tears, Kabir said: “Don’t worry, I’m not going to touch you. I don’t want to get my hands dirty.”

Mr Parker said the defendant then spat at one of the girls but missed.

  • At 5pm when a female staff member tried to prevent him from getting into another town centre bookmakers, Kabir said: “You’re a pr***. I’m going to smash your head in. I’ll ask my boys to do it. I won’t get my hands dirty.”

He later made threats that he would rape her.

  • At 5.15pm Kabir was on his bike outside Paddy Power bookmakers. A female member of staff, who had previously described him as “strange”, was using the cash machine across the road when the defendant approached her. Kabir called her a prostitute and a tramp. He then asked her for a fight and began goading her to punch him. When she refused he slapped her in the face, before pulling a “strange face” and again goading her to hit him.

As she walked backed to the bookmakers he called her a coward and said he would be waiting for her outside.

  • At 7.30pm Kabir went into the Accrington Betfred bookmakers and when he was asked to leave told a female employee: “I’m going to punch you.”

Prosecuting, Stephen Parker said: “He is in Accrington. He’s going in and out of bookies making sexually inappropriate and aggressive comments to various female members of staff.”

Kabir was arrested and appeared before Blackburn magistrates, who gave him bail with conditions not to enter Accrington town centre.

On the third occasion, he breached those bail conditions police went to Kabir’s house in Accrington on October 25, where they were let in by a family member.

Kabir was in his bedroom and when officers got to the stop of the stairs he asked them why they were there.

Mr Parker said one of the officers got out their handcuffs and Kabir responded by going back into his bedroom and arming himself with a knife.

He then walked towards the officers with the knife, saying: “I’ll slit your throats.”

The officers began to retreat and one of them got out their PAVA spray and warned Kabir they would use it if he took one more step forward.

He went back into his bedroom, lit a joint and began to smoke it. With the officers still in the hallway, Kabir put the knife to his own neck, made a slashing motion and said: “This is what I’m going to do to you.” A police dog entered and Kabir put down the knife once it bit his leg.

Kabir, of Craven Street, Accrington, pleaded guilty to eight counts of causing harassment, alarm or distress, indecent exposure, affray and two counts of assault by beating.

The court heard that Kabir made inappropriate comments to the female probation officer preparing his pre-sentence report, asking her if she was married and where she lived. He has also assaulted a female prison officer while on remand in custody.

Defending Mark Stuart said his client was a man who obeyed the law for the first 30 years of his life but after the death of both parents in the space of 12 months his cannabis use and behaviour got out of control.

He said his client’s claims he was a drug dealer was bravado and he only armed himself with a knife when the police arrived because he thought they were the same people who had subjected him to a serious assault which had left him hospitalised.

Mr Stuart said: “Over two days – leaving aside the affray – he was undoubtedly intoxicated. That’s no excuse but it was out of character.”

Jailing Kabir for 12 months, Judge Sara Dodd said: “It’s incredibly concerning that out of the blue you became so vile towards women who had done nothing to you. This was the targetting of young girls on their way home from school and women who work at bookmakers you frequent, not men.” He was also given a five-year restraining order, banning h


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