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We here at Daily Ent Xpress are huge boxing fans, so seeing the rise of Punjabi boxers is very pleasing. Last week we touched on Sukhdeep Singh Chakria who signed an extended pro deal with North American Boxing giants United Boxing Promotions. This week we managed to catch up Monica Atwal a Punjabi lady spreading the boxing gospel to the young and old.

Monica Atwal is based in Brampton and runs The King Of The Ring (KOTR) fitness gym. A passion for Boxing and fitness alongside a desire to see her local community succeed sets Monica apart from others. We recently got to talking about the rise in popularity of Boxing within the Punjabi community it was only then we became fully aware of how passionate about her community and sport Monica is.

So King Of The Ring – The gym is very successful but what made you think of opening a Boxing gym? 

We opened King of The Ring Boxing Fitness Club with pride, joy and satisfaction in 2009. But not everyone supported our concept. It wasn’t about making money, it was about helping those that need help and support!

We have our professions; we ourselves are not boxers but are ‘Entrepreneurs’ who have made it a goal to help the growing youth in Brampton and surrounding areas in the Greater Toronto Area by opening up a Boxing Fitness Club for those who can learn to live and enjoy a healthy lifestyle suitable to them.

So more than just being a Boxing gym, you are a part of the local community?

Yes, very much so. We teach boxing for competition, self- defence, fitness and keeping the vulnerable youth off the streets. We aim to help them lead a positive path addressing social issues that they are dealing with, but maybe not speaking about it; More importantly, building their self-confidence. This is our mission at King of The Ring.

Monica Atwal Is Passionate About Making A Change

Boxing is becoming more and more popular by the day within the Punjabi community, is this a new thing or has it just been missed?

Boxing is a combat sport and it isn’t for everyone. The Punjabi youth have been a part of the boxing scene for many many years. But, just like them and the sport itself, somethings go under noticed for reasons unknown. This is why we as a community must make this sport stronger than what it is. Our fighters need exposure as nothing disciplines the youth quite like boxing and fitness.

Punjabi boxers are now fronting more things and growing their presence. We are now seeing new faces all the time coming up in the sport. They have and are setting platforms for tomorrow’s upcoming youth that want to step into the Ring as professional level boxers. From the known faces and names of Pardeep Nagra, Andrew Kooner, Ryan Nandha, Sukhdeep Singh, Mandeep Kaur…the list goes on and on and these fighters are from India, UK, USA and Canada; across the globe.

There are many more out there. We have 15-year-olds training and showing great progress at KOTR every single day, and you will see them in action very soon too.

So what are the aims of King Of The Ring and Monica Atwal?

Our goal is to create an environment where people can come enjoy a high impact activity, yet still have fun. We teach individuals to respect themselves, respect others and most importantly equality; with background, lifestyles and genders all put aside.

Having a Boxing gym, the concept of health and wealth has always been there. We personally wanted to do something different for our community and in Brampton where we have a huge presence of the South Asian community.

However, catering not only to just South Asians, we are determined and focused on reaching out to our youth and women that have that inner interest but just don’t know where to go for support. 90% of our current boxers at KOTR are from South Asian descent.

Our boxing facility also provides an outlet where the youth community can avoid the pressure of drugs, violence, gangs and learn about self-defence. Today is an ever-changing world, a lot of concerns and the ugly out there and not enough push and support for SPORTS…boxing being one of them.

Therefore, we put 100% importance on Boxing and the youth out there. Our doors are always open to talk, practice and or brainstorm. King Of The Ring is here to help ALL. We are ONE.

Our members need to feel at home, a place where they can relax and have fun. Our qualified trainers and coaches will also act as mentors to help individuals overcome difficult hurdles in their lives. It is all about helping them achieve their lifelong dreams and ambitions. These trainers are taking time out of their schedules to give back to the community and to the people who have helped them become who they are today. Many of our trainers and coaches are excited to be a part of something that they only wished they could have had growing up. Our facility is not only based on physical fitness but also on wellbeing.


Massive thank you to Monica Atwal for taking time out to speak to us. A real champion for her local community. Sometimes we overlook people like Monica and her team. Yet, these are the pillars of local communities that are driving change… Long may this continue.

Monica Atwal -Driving Change In Her Community


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