Morning Work Meeting Goes Belly Up As 5 Foot Long Python Drops In Via The Ceiling (Video Inc)


The officials of a Chinese bank recently had the shock of their lives. As the officials were holding a meeting, a 5-feet-long python fell through the ceiling and interrupted the meeting.

The CCTV captured this incident and a clip of the same is going viral on social media, a report said. The viral video shows a python falling through the ceiling directly into a staff meeting room in Nanning City, China.

Chinese news agency CCTV+ reported that the CCTV footage shows the 1.5-metre snake dropping on the floor of a room. The video shows the reptile falling right in the middle of the meeting room where nine bank employees were present. Shocked and surprised, they immediately rush out of the room, the report said.

Luckily, the python did not fall on any of the employees. The incident also did not see any injuries to the bank employees.

Later, a wildlife protection group arrived at the bank soon after the incident to capture the reptile. The python is currently safely stored at a local protection centre..


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