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Motor Mitran Di is the latest release from Punjabi singer Aman Yaar. The song has music from UK producer Juss Musik and the lyrics are penned by Dhami Amarjit.

2018 saw Aman Yaar shoot to public attention with his releases Ford and Robin Hood. Those two songs were as desi as you could get and the certainly struck a chord with folk music fans. Since those releases Aman Yaar as floated releases that for one reason or another did not strike a chord with the public. Is Motor Mitran Di just another release or does it pack the power of the two songs mentioned previously?

This is a return to a raw desi sound and we feel that is what suits Aman Yaar best. He has a throwback desi style and that is something he needs to utilise more often. His delivery works when he’s in his desi element. The production from Juss Musik allows Aman Yaar to really ‘go at it’. The instrumental is desi and raw and does keep the listener interested. The production and delivery combined really are a treat for desi music fans.

Lyrically the song will strike a chord with a male audience and will get their buy-in over the next few weeks. Motor Mitran Di is a song that will work when we come out of lockdown as many people are already planning a mehfil. Let’s just hope people don’t forget about the song by then!

Timing is everything and this song maybe two weeks early but let’s hope it makes enough playlists to still be around after lockdown! On our playlist for sure:

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Robin Hood – Aman Yaar, Jamifi Studios


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