Mr & Mrs Mander Told They Can’t Adopt A White Child Due To Indian Heritage


British-born and bred couple Sandeep and Reena Mander were told by there local authority they ‘couldn’t adopt a white child’ due to their Indian heritage?! The couple informed the local Royal Borough council that they were happy to welcome a child of any race into their home.

The is now being heard at by a county court judge. Sandeep and Reena Mander are suing their local Royal Borough council and its adoption service in a landmark case. The couple has been unable to have a child of their own.

The couple were told by their local Berkshire adoption service that their application to join the register of approved adopters would be rejected due to their ‘Indian background’ and that they might have better luck looking to adopt a child from India, reports the Daily Mail.

The Manders court case has begun today. The court battle against the adoption service has the backing of the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

Mr and Mrs Mander attended an introductory seminar in late 2015 given by the local adoption agency, Adopt Berkshire, which expressed a welcoming attitude to all prospective adoptive parents regardless of race or sexual orientation and the Manders were encouraged to submit an application.

In court, Mr Mander highlighted the couple’s desire to apply and he was asked to identify his ethnic origin on ringing the adoption agency.

When he stated they were both born and raised in Britain but their parents were born in India, Mr Mander was told that they were unlikely to be approved as potential adopters due to their ‘Indian background’, because only white children were available in Berkshire and the surrounding area.

The pair continued in their efforts to apply as they believed their heritage could not be a good reason to reject their application outright. Although the Manders have four spare bedrooms in their house and were willing to offer any child a loving home and indeed were otherwise suitable to adopt, Adopt Berkshire insisted it would still not let them apply to join the approved adopters’ register because of their ‘Indian heritage.’

The trial continues as they give evidence to the court, check out the article in full here via the Daily Mail.


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