Mr Singh Records Neighbours Dog Barking 1350 Times In 1 hour – Owner Fined


Sammy Singh along with his neighbour Graham Davies just could not continue, a dog owner in there street had to be bought to book after his dogs continuous barking became unbearable.

The owners of a Jack Russell that kept neighbours awake with its “continuous” barking, have been fined almost £3,000. 1,350 barks in a 45 minute period were recorded, which is about one bark every two seconds.

Ms Linda Hill and Mr Jason Badham were prosecuted in their absence at Cardiff Magistrates Court on 28 March, following a number of complaints.

Cllr Michael Michael said it was the “worst case of its kind that we have ever had to deal with.”

Sammy Singh and Graham Davies said the “continuous barking” started more than two years ago when Ms Hill and Mr Badham moved onto the street.

The pair, from Amherst Street in Grangetown, were fined £1,320 each with additional fees for victims. It is understood they have moved out of the house.

‘All-day’ barking
Mr Singh, 44, said the barking was “an absolute nightmare” and it became “depressing” for his family to deal with.

“We couldn’t even watch TV because of the dog. I couldn’t sleep and had to go into a far room to go to bed.”

The dog was a black and white Jack Russell, according to Mr Singh.

He said that he tried to speak to his neighbour about the noise problem but it remained unresolved.

“If it wasn’t scratching at the door, it would bark – and it would go on all day,” he said.

Meanwhile, eighty-six year-old Graham Davies, who has lived on the street for more than 50 years, said the dog was also keeping his family awake.

“It would go on and on and on.

“We are relieved it is gone and now our sleep won’t be affected,” he said.


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