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Mr Singhs Handsworth Wood

From its modest beginning in a small shop in Smethwick back in 2005, Mr Singhs has grown and now has dine-in restaurants in Handsworth Wood, Wolverhampton, and Gants Hill. They set out to create great vegetarian food in a fun family atmosphere. Let’s see if they can deliver the goods on our visit.

Appearance & Entry:

Mr Singhs is situated on a corner plot, they purchased the property next door to extend the dine-in facilities. The décor is very inviting and modern with brickwork on show. The place is very busy and there is a queue ahead of us which is a mix of dine-in and take away business. You immediately sense the atmosphere is very family-friendly with plenty of young kids about. You are best advised to book before you visit particularly on a Saturday evening.


Please note there are no alcoholic drinks at this venue. The selection of soft drinks is good, all the soft drinks whether can or bottle are available. There are also a selection of milkshakes and hot beverages available.

Mr Singh’s Handsworth The Food Journey Begins:

We order our food at the counter, there’s a wait for a table to be vacated and cleaned. There’s a small waiting area close to the counter. We wait for 5 mins for a table. Our food arrives within 15 minutes of ordering, we believe that is good considering how busy they seem. The table and cutlery are clean.

Mr Singh’s Handsworth

The Food:

Chilli Cheese Nuggets (10 pieces): We ordered these as a side and they hit the spot in terms of spice. These are pipping hot which is a bonus (not lukewarm as we have been given in other venues). Please note: If you are ordering these, they are very filling, so be careful how much you order after this!

Sizzler: The sizzler arrives and the portion size is a healthy size for 2 growing lads sharing. The mixed grill comprises of Paneer and Soya all resting on bed of onions, green peppers, and mushrooms all dressed with BBQ chilli sauce. You are given three choices of how spicy you want the sizzler – mild, hot and very hot. We opted for the hot variant, and this was the right choice for us. Think the very hot one may be one for the really brave. Remember Tea

Soya: Portion size is good, the pieces are large, the texture, taste, and spice are spot on.

Paneer: Again portion size is good, the triangle pieces of paneer taste great.

Now check out the Wrap:

We opted for a naan wrap with a filling of tandoori chicken style pieces. Fries are also used as part of the filling. The naan wrap is huge, and is a handful to eat, this is about to get messy. I love how soft the naan is, I’ve not come across a naan so soft before. The tandoori chicken style pieces are good, but make no mistake for me it was the naan that was amazing in this dish.


The location is easy to find, parking can be an issue, that aside Mr Singh’s in Handsworth has a lot going for it. We would recommend you ring ahead as this particular Mr Singh’s is busy!. The pizza and burger offerings all come in huge portion sizes so be wary when ordering! You will end up taking some home.

The Veggie options are superb, this is one the best veggie fast food venues we have been to. A really good family atmosphere and staff that are attentive and care. We really love our visits to Mr Singh’s and our next venture will be to the Wolverhampton Mr Singhs to try the V Burger.

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