Munda Mainu Pyar Karda Inderjit Nikku Miss Pooja – Punjabi Song 2020


Miss Pooja created history last week by shooting her 850th video. Imagine if Miss Pooja appeared a video for every song she featured on? Surely we are talking about over 1000’s videos? Munda Mainu Pyar Karda is the new Punjabi song from Inderjit Nikku and Miss Pooja. T-Series Apna Punjab has released the song which features music by JSL and lyrics Matt Sheronwala.

Inderjit Nikku took to social media on the eve of the release of Munda Mainu Pyar Karda to berate artists with fake views. He also discussed the little respect artists are showing towards each other, this certainly did see him make a few headlines before release.

The song itself, headlines aside is pretty much run of the mill. A duet about love with a bit of humour thrown in. Vocally Inderjit Nikku still sounds as tight as ever. Very clean and polished. Miss Pooja is her normal self and vocally on point.

The music from JSL keeps you listening, the song just lacks that spark to see it bang for a period of time. Miss Pooja fans and Nikku fans will all give this a spin, but the bigger question is? How long will it stay in peoples minds for? Just fails to make our duets playlist, though worth a spin if you are a fan of either singer.

Check out Munda Mainu Pyar Karda by Inderjit Nikku Miss Pooja here:

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