MUNDEY KHUNDE Sathi K – Music Jay Track (Royal Music Gang)


Mundey Khunde Sathi K: Royal Music Gang present the third full video song from the Jay Trak album ‘New Kid On The Block.’ The Song is Mundey Khunde and features singer Sarthi K. Lyrics for the song are penned by Kanwar Wariach. Review by DEX (Daily Entertainment Xpress).

The album ‘New Kid On The Block’ was released over a month ago now by Producer Jay Track. The album certainly made a mark in the industry with songs like ‘Hisaab’ from Karan Aujla having a real impact. The latest song to get the video treatment is Mundey Khunde featuring singer Sarthi K. The song like the whole album has a strong hip hop feel and is one for those who love to nod along to a tune. The production is tight, the vocals are good and if you haven’t heard this already, give it a spin!

The second video to be released from the Jay Trak album was ‘Surma’ by Happy Raikoti. The song had a real summer feel to it and got a great reaction from Punjab especially. The chilled out vibe with a hip hop feel reflects the style of the whole album. If you have not checked out the Jay Trak song Surma with Happy Raikoti, then just press play below.

MUNDEY KHUNDE Sathi K Song Credits:  Singer – SARTHI K Music – JAY TRAK Mix & Master – TEJ Video – WHIZ KID FILMS Producer – PARMA MUSIC Project Executive – DEEP JANDU Online – GK DIGITAL Design – GARRY NAWAAB


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