Music Fan? What Kind of Desi Artist Could You Have Been?


When you are in the zone you are in the zone, you could be rocking the dance floor in a club or at a  family event, or just  blasting out the words to your favorite song, at that moment we all want to be a desi music star. Do not deny it, we all want to be known for rocking peoples minds all over the world and being the artist who people dance to.

Well, we are here to help, no we are not launching “Desi Factor” instead we are letting your phone and name dictate what kind of desi artist you could have been and what you will be remembered for, so play along and let us know what you are……

The last digit of your mobile phone number Is the type of artist you are 

Your current battery life = Known for being a  

The first letter of your name = What you will be mostly remembered for


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