Music Legend Apache Indian Goes In On The BBC Asian Network


Apache Indian, a man who has given himself heart & soul to the music industry is now making a stance against the BBC Asian Network and the treatment that he has received recently and over the last few releases.

Ever since we started Daily Ent Xpress almost 12 months ago as a blog, one of the biggest bones of contention with artists has been the BBC Asian Network and the closed door policy that seems to exist around it.Some of the things we have had raised by artists are:

Playlists representing friends of the station and not the listening habits of the public
favoritism towards India based artists at the cost of UK talent
Presenters wanting to be the star of the show and it no longer being about the artists
More non Asian music on the station than ever, yet this not being replicated on BBC 1XTRA

Well if those artists/record label’s who raised those concerns with us now want to join ranks with Apache Indian and take this further well, it seems you either man up or shut up, because Apache being the great man he is, is not taking this lying down, will others back him though?


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OMG the @bbcasiannetwork just called me to cancel my interview next week with @bobbyfricton !! They said my last post got them worried ! Why r u guys acting so guilty? What happened to ‘No Filter’ ? Don’t u think that Tax payers have a right to know what’s really going on at the network & where their money is going? Why u wasting my time after not supporting my last single then calling me for an interview then cancelling?? Forget about me, I’m passionate about the Asian Music Industry & getting Real support for the Artists on the scene! What role does the network play really? Mela? Awards? Nothing !! The Dj’s are more popular than the Artists & we hear more music from Bollywood than the UK! No wonder the scene here is suffering! I’ve heard shocking stories of the network playing more music from Artists of certain Religious backgrounds over others & taking brides too! I suggest that @bbcpanorama fully investigate any claims made! Time to shut it down & spend the money on the Homeless, Crime Prevention & the NHS!! Apologies to those that do a great job but u haven’t done anything about what u’ve heard over the years either !! & they wanna do this in our music city Brum? Disrespect!! Time to leave The Mailbox where u hide !! Music biz & Artists are suffering in general! The network could have made a massive difference to the scene & to Artist’s careers by now! Too busy ticking boxes & tapping themselves on the back. Why do people speak behind closed doors & suffer in silence when they can make a difference? The reason is because there’s no unity! If u want to see a change in anything ur passionate about speak out or hold ur peace and live with it! Look out for ‘Real Talk’ @britasia_tv where u can hear all this & more from the Artist’s on the scene & from people that have worked on the @bbcasiannetwork !!

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