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One man who had a storming end to 2019 is Khan Bhaini and he is back with his new release My Thoughts. This is an independent release from Khan Bhaini across all platforms. Music for My Thoughts is by Sycostyle and the lyrics are penned by Khan Bhaini himself.

Khan Bhaini seems to be one artist using his head. Whilst signed to Single Track Studios for his commercial releases (2 Cheene one of the hits of 2020 was released on Single Track Studios) he is still using his own platform to push new more risky songs. He is one of the very few artists who are doing this successfully. ‘My Thoughts’ is not something that will have the mass appeal of his more commercial stuff, but it does highlight how good he is as a writer and singer.

My Thoughts by Khan Bhaini really brings to the fore the writing style of the singer. he has a good grasp on the thought process of the young and a bigger message is delivered with a varied vocal display, Khan Bhaini is different!

This might not be the biggest commercial song that Khan Bhaini will have, but one thing is for sure – It works! The video was shot in 5 hours and highlights what you can do when you put your mind to things!

Check out My Thoughts by Khan Bhaini here:

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December was the last song that Khan Bhaini released independently. If you missed it check it out here in full:


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