Naag Vangu PBN – New Punjabi Song From WV’s Finest


Naag Vangu is the latest UK Bhangra song from Wolverhampton based singer/producer PBN. This is PBN in his element. Everything fans of the UK scene crave are here in abundance. Dhol, tumbi, Bhangra and a UK vocalist! PBN, it’s been a while!!!

PBN is an artist who has played with and experimented with different styles of late. Something that every artist has to do in order to grow his presence and brand. Naag Vangu will tie in those new fans of PBN in with what others identify as the PBN sound. We already see many a wild dancer loving the Naag songs at weddings, this will only encourage people to do it more, PBN we hold you accountable for this. PBN vocals Naag Vangu and he does sound different to his other tracks. Whether its the way his vocals have been mixed or mastered, or if this is a new mature-sounding PBN – we are not sure. One thing is for certain though – It works for us.

Check out Naa Vangu here by PBN – This Is All About Energy

Stream/Download the song via your preferred platform – Just click this link:

Song: Naag Vangu Artist: PBN Lyrics: PBN Additional Lyrics: Teji Music: PBN Video: Lutch Media Special thanks: Bobby Basran (Limitless Records), Juhee Pahuja, The Hangar Venue, Lions of Punjab, Dance Bhangra, Vakhri Tohr, Dhol Frequency, Spin4Fun, Kiran Johal, MRS Hair and Makeup, The DNA Roadshow and Sunny Jagpal.



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