NAAGMANI Khan Bhaini Ft. Gurlej Akhtar New Punjabi Song


NAAGMANI Khan Bhaini Ft. Gurlej Akhtar: One of our personal favourite songs of 2019 was the Khan Bhaini song Bille Bille. He on that song actually worked his vocal to suit him and not those who he was working with. Something he had failed to do on earlier songs. Would Naagmani see him reverting to doing that or would he stick to being himself?

So thankfully Naagmani sees Khan Bhaini sticking to being himself and that allows for some magic with Gurlej Akhtar. Naagmani has the banter and the back and forths you expect from a good duet song along with some creative humour. The production by Laddi Gill is on point. He manages to get these two very contrasting singers to sound superb as a unit. Even though they are very very different.

Naagmani is catchy, well-paced and highlights how important it is to be yourself. The weight of singing alongside Gurlej Akhtar is huge, she is very overpowering. Yet by being himself, Khan delivers! Because of that reason, It’s on our playlist for sure and just ready to be played at the Christmas party lol. Check out NAAGMANI Khan Bhaini Ft. Gurlej Akhtar here:

Singer :Khan Bhaini and Singer: Gurlez Akhtar feat : Mahi Sharma Music: Laddi Gill MIX AND MASTER – MJ Lyrics: Khan Bhaini Directed by: Aarish and Sukh D It Editor : Gaurav K Mehra DI Color : Onkar Singh Producer : Sajjan Duhan Project By : Jatinder Singh Sohal Photography: Ammy Thind Jassi Lohka films Music on Ditto Media Partner : MDN Entertainment Makeover: Addy Online Review By DEX  (Daily Ent Xpress).

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