Nagni Jasmine Sandlas, Dr Zeus – New Punjabi Song 2019


Take a producer with a dynamic sound of his own and put him alongside a female singer who is just as unique as him. What do you get? You get Nagni the latest Punjabi release from Jasmine Sandlas and Dr Zeus. Does this Nagni wrap you up in a musical delight or does it leave you bitten and looking elsewhere for a solution?

That sound, that production as soon the beat drops you know this is Zeus all over. The clever drops the weaving in and out of the chorus very Dr Zeus. Having said that, musically it does feel a lot edgier than some other releases from Zeus and that we like. A more matured sound from Zeus? 

Now Jasmine Sandlas, each and every time you hear her vocal you picture swag and piercing looks, this is no different. Nagni sees Jasmine delivering as only she can. She drives the song and really does push the whole desi in your face angle. An impressive track and one that will be on many a playlist over the festive season. Check out Nagni Jasmine Sandlas and Dr Zeus here:

Song: Nagni Singer: Jasmine Sandlas Music: Dr. Zeus Lyrics: Mandeep Maavi Directed by: Rosleen Sandlas Male Lead: Barinder Dhapai DOP: Mintu Steady Cam: Harman Hair: Ishan.

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