Narcos Mexico – The Review From Box Set Wala Yaar

Narcos Mexico, watch on Netflix, released on Friday 16th November 2018, 10 episodes. If you do plan to watch Narcos Mexico, here is some advise for you all.

That first desi wedding you went to that blew your mind, remember that? We all have a favorite.
Weddings, since then have always been judged and compared to ‘that’ wedding. It becomes hard to judge other weddings because they are all so similar, but you have to judge things in isolation, Narcos Mexico should not be judged to the standards of Narcos Colombia.

It may have all the trimmings and interlinked story lines, but having the same caterer/dj at a wedding doesn’t mean we should measure them up against previous occasions?

Narcos seasons 1 and 2 were fantastic box sets in their own right, one of the key factors as to what made them great was, they were new and many of us were already aware of the Pablo story. It becomes difficult to live up to, those seasons put a line in the sand alongside some powerhouse performances and taught scripts that always kept one on the edge of the seat.

Had Narcos Mexico come earlier, we would be raving about it, but it didn’t and judging it in isolation gives you a new prospective on the show.

Narcos Mexico was a good season, but not great.
As you are watching the season you pick up little hints and traps that you know are setting up a Narcos El Chapo. I was a left little underwhelmed with the ending, but hey, we are not about spoilers.

The “Rafa love story” dragged on far too long, with no real buzz or pace about it, I liked how they incorporated Pablo and Cali, that was cool, but maybe more time could have been invested into those connections.

One of the key stand outs of Narcos Colombia was that it tied in the show to actual key events, that really sold you the vision of that era.
Other than a Mexico 86 sign in episode one we have very little else to link it to an actual time frame, only later on do we see it actually linking itself to news reels of the time, and that is minimal.

I finished this in 2 days. I will watch it again and my review might change but as for now, I’d say this was a good season in isolation. A solid 7.5 out of 10.


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