Narinderjit Singh – Masterbated In His Cab Whilst Dropping A Young Customer Off


The 14-year-old girl who filmed and reported her Lyft taxi driver masturbating is now suing his firm. Narinderjit Singh was charged with endangering the welfare of a child and harassment two weeks after the incident. He pleaded guilty to a violation, according to the Queens District Attorney.

The brave Queens teenager who recorded a video of her Lyft driver masturbating is claiming the company failed to properly vet its drivers. The ride-share giant had initially refused to give the NYPD the name of a Big Apple hack caught on camera pleasuring himself. The obstruction allowed Narinderjit Singh to remain behind the wheel picking up passengers for two weeks before he was finally identified by cops and arrested, sources said.

The 14-year-old girl — who says driver Narinderjit Singh ogled her in the rear-view mirror as he touched himself — claims the firm failed to conduct proper background checks on its workers, according to the suit filed in a Queens Supreme Court.

Lyft was “negligent in its hiring process” and disregarded customers’ safety in a way that goes “beyond all possible bounds of decency,” the lawsuit claims.

Singh allegedly pulled the move during a 13-minute ride from Bayside to Flushing last October.


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