National Biscuit Day – Desi Biscuits v Western Biscuits – Let the Battle Commence


Today is National Biscuit Day here in good ol’blighty, and us as Desi’s love a good ol’biscuit with the cha da cup. We as Punjabi’s have given the west some amazing dishes and introduced them to a whole new world of spices and flavours,but when it comes to biscuits, god we are awful, we have made about as much contribution to the biscuit game as Garry Sandhu did to his national insurance contributions, pitiful.

Let us not beat around the bush here, we have one biscuit, and one biscuit only:

This the “Atta Biscuit” comes in various forms, and we have decided to match it up against 5 British Biscuits that we have taken to our hearts, and remember this “Atta Biscuit” is the master of disguise.

Battle 1:
Straight Up No Frills Punjabi Biscuit


No contest here, the Custard cream wins, more desi households provide this as an offering than people offering samoseh! 1-0 to the western biscuit.

Battle 2:
Now it has Added Milk, In other words it is burnt, not chocolate 


The Bourbon biscuit is another desi household favourite, do you know why? Apneh thought it contained whiskey, and once again Bourbon beats the Milk version of the Punjabi Biscuit. 2-0

Battle 3
The Punjabi Biscuit, now has morphed into a Punjabi Cookie


Nice biscuits, these are the standard biscuit to offer relatives with “Sugar” as you visibly see that it only has a little bit of sugar on! 3 – 0 here, Desi Biscuits getting done here!

Battle 4:
Oh now it is both a biscuit and a Cookie

VNo biscuit is as consumed by desi’s as the good old malted milk, we don’t eat beef they say, yet you devour the cow on said sacred biscuit! 3-1 The Punjabi biscuit pulls one back due to “Cow related issues”

Battle 5:
Now we going all posh with box and shiz


The crem dela crem of biscuits, we reserve these for special guests only, please note when serving shortbread, apneh always leave the box out so people can see that tartan is present!

Desi Biscuits lose 4 – 1, But wait all is not lost, Punjab has one more trick up it’s sleeve!!!


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