#NationalCurryWeek – The Desi Grills Team Give You Their Best Desi Pub Curries


Who doesn’t love a good curry? And, what could be more desi than having a curry in a desi pub!

The merry men/women of the desi grills team have put together their desi pub curry guide for those wishing to try the unique atmosphere of a desi pub, which is very different to a typical pub/restaurant. Desi Pub’s are the best way to enjoy a curry and grill especially during #NationalCurryWeek.

The Regency Club -HA8 5NR 

Recommended Curry: Chicken Karahi and Chicken Makani Curry, guys you can forget the restaurants, these two dishes will have you asking for more. The Regency club is a lovely venue, and these dishes will defiently have you re-booking for another sitting as you leave all bloated and full.

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The Prince Of Wales -UB2 5ED

Recommended Curry: Butter Chicken, if you love chicken dishes, then the Butter Chicken on offer here at the Prince Of Wales is one of the best we have ever had, yes that’s how good it is. Cooked well, marinated well, and the sauce will have you gushing in admiration, butter chicken heaven!

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The Horseshoe, Hall Green -B28 9BH 

Recommended Curry: The Lamb Curry, this really does hit the mark, cooked well and full of flavour, the quality of the meat is also damn impressive, a great venue, and a chilled atmosphere, this place ticks a lot of boxes for pub lovers, make sure you call ahead, as this place can get very busy.

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The Merten Inn, LE4 6EU 

Recommended Curry: The chicken tikka masala, if like it creamy and full of flavour then the Merten Inn is the place for you. Not sure how they cook it, but it is damn impressive, one of the most impressive tikka masala’s in the UK! That’s how good it is.

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The Hen and Chickens, Constitution Hill, B19 3LE

Recommended: Let’s be honest here, the Hen and Chickens is number 1 in our league for a reason, the Curries are amazing, the Keema is well worth trying as is the Chicken curry, both full of flavour, and once you have been to a Desi Pub like the Hen and Chickens you will be left asking “why do you go to restaurants for a curry, when desi pubs are this good”.

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The Bradford Arms, WS2 9HE

Recommended Curry: The Bradford Arms (Champy’s) is one of the busiest desi pubs you will go to, so make sure you are ready to to wait when you get there. The food is simply fantastic, and the curries, well no matter which one you have, each is unique with it’s own flavours and style, a special venue, for that special curry.

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