Navinder Singh Sarao – U.S Authorities Recommend No Jail


Navinder Singh Sarao, the Hounslow trader blamed for helping cause the 2010 Flash Crash from his bedroom, shouldn’t get jail time, U.S. authorities said in a recommendation before his Jan. 28 sentencing in Chicago.

The government cited Sarao’s “extraordinary cooperation,” his autism diagnosis and the fact that he hadn’t spent most of the 45 million pounds ($58.5 million) that he made trading, according to recommendations filed with the court Tuesday. The Justice Department said a longer prison term for the U.K. citizen wouldn’t be a deterrent to other traders and would pose a serious risk to the 41-year-old’s mental health.

Navinder Singh Sarao has already spent 4 months in a London prison.

Sarao was arrested in 2015 for contributing to the so-called Flash Crash, when markets dropped 5% in a 5-minute period on May 6, 2010. He pleaded guilty to spoofing and wire fraud in November 2016 and since then has been assisting the government’s preparation of other cases

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