New: Daaru Band – Mankirt Aulakh, Does It Sound Like A Panjabi MC Tune Though?


Daaru Band is the latest release from Mankirt Aulakh via Speed Records, and for a guy who gave us Gangland and Daang, well let’s just say this is something a million miles away from those two tracks. It has a more laid back feel, and this may get some serious airtime over the summer.

Vocally Mankirt is always on point, he knows his lane, and navigates it well. The production via J Statik is tight, but as soon we put this on in the office the first words from peoples lips were “Moorni” by Panjabi MC, the song has a very very uncanny resemblance to the dance floor anthem that was released a few years ago, maybe that is what Mankirt and and J Statik were aiming for, a bit of an ode to Panabi MC,? It certainly worked for us, as Moorni is now on repeat, and we unfortunately veered away from Daru Band! Daaru Band will bang though, and with the sun out this tune will be on repeat!

Check out the latest Punjabi Song from Mankrit Aulakh, Daru Band via Speed Records


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