New From Ezu – Hor Labna


VIP Records present their latest Punjabi song of 2019 ‘Hor Labna’, the new Punjabi song is sang by ‘Ezu’ who has also produced the track and penned the English lyrics. The PropheC has wrote the Punjabi lyrics for ‘Hor Labna’.

Whats the one thing you need to stand out among a crowd? Uniqueness, and unfortunately for Ezu, as talented as he is, this release has just dropped too close to the PropheC album and new Micky Singh release. That is a crying shame as ‘Hor Labna’, as a stand alone Punjabi pop release has lots going for it, a  great video a clever hook line, just to name two things.  We just feel it may get buried among other similar releases, whether it does or does not we do suggest if The PropheC and Mickey Singh are your cups of tea that you give this a spin as ‘Hor Labna’ may just appeal!

On Repeat Scores:
1-5 Plays
5-10 Plays
10+ Plays

Song : Hor Labna
Artist : Ezu
Music : Ezu
Lyrics : Ezu
Punjabi Lyrics : The PropheC


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