New From Jass Manak – Suit Punjabi


Jass Manak caused a stir with his first release “Prada” – snapchat, Instagram and Facebook were all full of videos linked to the track and the song itself had over 100 covers on Youtube including from artists as well as just fans.

The song gathered some amazing momentum and just kept getting bigger and bigger. The follow up track “Boss” also had a good impact, but was never in the same league, so here is his second follow up via Geet MP3 – Suit Punjabi!

The song carries on Jass Manak’s trappy flow and production, will it bang like Prada? Time will tell, it makes our playlist but cant see it staying on there for long. The song just seems to be to scared to venture away from “Prada”, it will be popular with the teenage crowd in Punjab, but may fail to impact outside of that circle! Halina makes the video worthwhile though lol!


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