New From Jassie Gill “Tru Talk” Feat. Sukh E & Karan Aujla


Hmmmm , now this is an interesting move, very interesting. Jassi Gill the “Punjabi Pop” artist has gone all street on us with his new track “Tru Talk” feat. Sukh-E and Karan Aujla, does it work though?

The track, will be popular, simply because of the following Jassi Gill has amassed previously, not because he now has street cred and is now firing shots like a straight up studio gangster.

What is surprising about this move, is that people usually make this kind of track, to make headway quick at the beginning of a musical journey. Not when they already have a solid fan base and standing, or, is it that, this is Jassi Gill actually being JassI Gill? Whichever it is, the song may not live long in the memory bank of non Jassi Gill fans.


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