New From Jeet Chahil – Chakdene


If you are someone who follows Bhangra bands in detail, then the name Jeet Chahil will not be new to you, but if you are new to him, Jeet was a backing vocalist for the legendary DCS band, and Shin has been a huge supporter of his for some time now.

The song itself has a very UK sound to it, Jas Johal and Lakhan Singh have produced the track, and it is driven by all the elements that drive a good Bhangra track, a good hook line, tumbi and plenty of dhol, and if you add to TJ Rehmi (Recorded the track) to the mix then it is as UK as you could want.

Shin from DCS features in the video, and the song is written by Sanj Meghowalia, if you are one for supporting UK talent, then you need to check this out, the song was release via DESIBel and is here for you to enjoy.


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