New From Kamal Heer – Ticketan


Kamal Heer, what can you say, he has had many a hit, and played all around the world, him and Waris took live shows to a new level, that you can not doubt. One thing you can question is his recent run of singles, and this new track falls into the same “take it or leave it” catergory.

Sangtar on the production, seems to love a busy production these days, the track really does veer from extremes musically. Maybe we are just  aging music fans as we would dearly love to see Waris and Heer hit the heights of previous years? Or is it that all those years on the road, actually saw Kamal Heer lose touch with what was his fanbase?

Either way, check out his new single here Ticketan, and let us know what you think!


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