New From Mandeep Kaur Machhiwara – Sardar Bhagat Singh


Mandeep Kaur Machhiwara remember her? Voice of Punjab? Whether you do or not , the voice is one that needs to be heard, she sings with more passion than some of these over hyped artists who get big budget videos for terrible pop numbers.

Mandeep’s latest song “Sardar Bhagat Singh” is a simple production, yet it is packaged very well, the lyrics stand out and vocally Mandeep is on point. Mandeep has flitted in and out of the scene, she has a unique voice and great folk story telling style, we here at Daily Ent. Xpress would like to hear more from her!

Check out the latest song song from Mandeep Kaur Machhiwara “Sardar Bhagat Singh here:


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