New From Sunanda Sharma – Morni! Inspired By or Copied?


Sunanda Sharma, hot on the heels of a recent social media and live tv storm, is out to silence a few of those who doubted her live performance. The live video is here for all to view:

The new single “Morni” will it silence the masses? As a recording artists Sunanda Sharma works, her presence in the video and the way she holds herself is very classy and sells the tracks solely based on her image. Yes we said as a recording artist, as there is a world of difference between an artist who is both good in the studio and good live. Sunanda is a recording artist who delivers…only.

But does the new song “Morni” just want to ride the crest of a wave that was Daru Badnaam? The hook line is way to similar as is the whole direction of the song! Sunanda just loves causing a stir!!


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