New From Tigerstyle – Shehr’ch Rehndi Goriye


Tigerstyle, talk about extremes, we go from Miss Pooja and “Cute Munda” to “Shehr’ch Rehndi Goriye” and you know what? This feels more like the experimental Tigerstyle that rocked dance floors across the globe. Innovation and an edgy sound that is  what made Tigerstyle the most sought after DJ’s on the scene. Welcome back lads, its been a while!

Tigerstyle gave us Digi-Bhang and this is very much a return to that electronic desi infused sound, not something that everyone can do, so can we have more please! We need this kind of innovation to stir things up, to make people test boundaries, hopefully this is the first single of many.

Tigerstyle at their innovative best: 


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