New Gurdas Maan Song Maan Punjabi Hon Te – Receives Cold Response


2019 saw Punjabi singing legend Gurdas Maan stumble from one controversy to another. The Maa Boli comments during a radio interview in Canada still seem to be haunting Gurdas Maan. The radio interview led to protests in Canada and Punjab. Maan Punjab Hon Te which is the latest Punjabi song release from Gurdas Maan seems to be suffering the backlash.

Zee Music Company is the record label behind the release and the slow uptake of the song has even left them surprised. An insider from Zee Music has informed us that the streams for the song have been extremely low, with less than 30,000 plays on every platform. Youtube has also been very slow to pick up on the new Gurdas Maan release. The song Maan Punjab Hon Te has yet to hit 30k views 48 hours after release. That for a channel of nearly 50m subscribers is unheard off.

So is it a case of Punjabi music fans have still not forgiven Gurdas Maan for his comments? Are they still awaiting an apology? Various Punjabi social media outlets have said that Gurdas Maans recent release is just an effort to win back those supporters who were upset at his comments. Whatever the issue the slow uptake on the song is surprising as Gurdas Maan as a musician is still hugely popular. Recent comments which were taken totally out of context really do seem to have made a lasting impact.

Check out the new Gurdas Maan song Maan Punjabi Hon Te here via Zee Music Company:



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