New Punjabi Film ‘Sade Pind Wala Babbu Maan’ Confirms Release Date


Within the Punjabi entertainment scene Jagdev Maan is a very well known man, he helped launch Gippy Grewal in the UK with J-Skillz as well as writing and composing for other top artists. Well now Jagdev Maan has confirmed that his ‘dream project’ a film called ‘Sade Pind Wala Babbu Maan’ has a release date – 24th December 2019.

Jagdev Maan has teamed up with Deep Jagdeep to write the film’s screenplay and the film is a presentation by Nigam Films’ Creation, reports Gurwinder for Ghaint Punajb.

Jagdev Maan went on to confirm to Ghaint Punjab that the film is not about Babbu Maan and that he has sought clearance about the use of Babbu Maan’s name in the title, he also added “Sade Pind Wala Babbu Maan has nothing to do with the star singer. It is the story about a village boy who is addressed as Sade Pind Wala Babbu Maan.”

Well we love the title, and here is hoping the film is a nice treat for us all on Christmas Eve!


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