New Punjabi Song, Bhoot Bhangra Karamjit Anmol & Nisho Bano


2019 is no different to any other year, a huge amount of desi duets prior to Valentines day, and here is the latest Punjabi song ‘Bhoot Bhangra’, Music Empire have produced the track and it features the vocals of Karamjit Anmol & Nisha Bano with the lyrics provided by Preet Mansa.

The title of the track did not really have us running to press play ‘Bhoot Bhangra’ had us envisaging all kind of mad Halloween esque scenarios, but we were wrong, and the track is actually not bad at all.  Karamjit Anmol & Nisha Bano both deliver strong performances vocally, the lyrics to the song are quite funny, but we think the hook line of the track may see it not get played by the masses.

Title: Bhoot Bhangra
Singer: Karamjit Anmol & Nisha Bano
Lyrics: Preet Mansa
Music: Music Empire


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