New Punjabi Song From Rock-E ft. Minister Music – Downtown Chill


Seems like Royal Music Gang are going for a busier 2019 than 2018, ‘Downtown Chill’ is the labels eighth release of 2019, the latest Punjabi song to be released features singer Rock-E and the music is by Minister Music, the lyrics for the new song ‘Downtown Chill’ are provided by Lally Mundi.

Ok, firstly ‘Downtown Chill’ is molded around the legendary song “Sanu Tedi Tedi Takdi Tu” by the legendary Surjit Bindrakhia, and nothing will be ever as good as that, but at least Minister Music has tried to put his own spin on the production of the track.
That aside, ‘Downtown Chill’ by Rock-E is a fun and laid back party track that kept us entertained, and it makes our playlist for sure.

Song – Downtown Chill
Singer – Rock-E
Music – Minister Music
Lyrics – Lally Mundi

The original and classic  Sanu Tedi Tedi Takdi Tu – Surjit Bindrakhiya


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