New Punjabi Song From The PropheC – Jaan Di, Music UpsideDown


Punjabi Pop/commercial music is gathering momentum daily and one guy who keeps himself to the fore of that genre is The PropheC, and as if to prove a point, his new song ‘Jaan Di’ with music producer UpsideDown, see’s him slam his foot into overdrive.

The song itself has everything you expect from a PropheC song, it has a clean cut production, clever hooks and it keeps you listening the more the song goes on. Jaan Di has a well polished video to go with it, so for PropheC fans this ticks a lot of boxes.

If you are new to PropheC, then start your journey here and then check out Sohni, you can thank us after.

Check out the latest PropheC song Jaan Di produced by UpsideDown here:


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