New Punjabi Song, Gucci Gang From Heero Maan


Well it had to happen didn’t it? I mean we do rip off everything else so why are we surprised at this! The latest Punjabi song from Jass Records is “Gucci Gang” by the singer Heero Maan, the music for the new Punjabi song is by “Punjabi Cops” and the lyrics are by Karma.

Where do we start? Firstly the music is by Punjabi Cops, now we have no idea if this is actually the Police Force or a group of musicians, we did ring the Punjab Police but they were on a cha paani break so no answer as of yet. We could ramble on, but just listen to the track lol! Dare we say we have heard worse?  We have added the original Lil Pump version below the Punjabi version so you can compare and enjoy.

Song: Gucci Gang
Singer: Heero Maan
Lyrics: Karma
Music: Punjabi Cops
Label: Jass records


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