New Punjabi Song, KingPin, Bee 2


Hanji, Bee 2 is back, but this time as a teacher? Interesting. The latest Punjabi song ‘Kingpin’ from T-Series Apna Punjab features the ever green Bee 2, and this is exactly what you expect from him, it has humour and the song leads with desi instrument’s and has a  very polished feel to it.

Bee 2 seems to have been around for decades, but one thing he has not lost over that period of time is the ability to bring a smile to those who are listening and watching his music. ‘Kingpin’ is no different. The GDR loop is in full effect, his tumbi is on point and it is just a good Bee 2 single. Welcome back Bruv!

To listen to Kingpin by Bee 2 on Apple Music just click this link
Song: Kingpin
Singer: Bee 2
Music: Bee 2
Lyrics: Bee 2
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