New Punjabi Song, Modran Boliyan – Jaideep


The latest Punjabi song from VS Records is ‘Modran Boliyan’ by Jaideep, the lyrics are provided by Pamma Malliana and the music is by Tone-E.

The first thing we did when we got this new song from VS Records was laugh, yes Modran should read Modern, after that we were kinda cringing as to what lay in store for us with the ‘modran boliyan. After pressing play, we were actually quite impressed with the track as a whole, nice traditional boliyan touching on modern aspects, this will not be one of the songs of the year, but as for Boliyan this does the trick.

Song – Modran Boliyan
Singer – jaideep
Lyrics – Pamma Malliana
Music – Tone-E


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