New Punjabi Song, Mukhtar Sahota & Manleen Rekhi – Khaab


Punjabi Ballad/Love Song: It’s a Mukhtar Sahota production and his introducing us all to the silky vocals of a new and upcoming Punjabi singer Manleen Rehki on this his latest release “Khaab”.

If you like a good cry and love getting emotionally swept away by a love ballad, well then turn the lights off as Mukhtar has worked his magic here.

A clean and polished production affords us the opportunity of enjoying  the vocals of Manleen Rekhi, and for a debut track she does deliver well. So if it is dukhi you want, then you need to give this a try. Note: Keep a tissue at hand.

Check out the latest Punjabi song from Mukhtar Sahota & Manleen Rekhi “Khaab” here via Shavin Entertainment:


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