New Punjabi Song – No Fear – Deep Dhaliwal & Sunny Malton, Byg Byrd


A year is a long time in the music game and in today’s modern market it feels even longer still. At the start of 2018 every other record that was dropping featured ‘Brown Boys’ Sunny Malton and Byg Byrd it seemed. 2019 has been quieter, but now they are back with their latest Punjabi song featuring Deep Dhaliwal – No Fear.

When you hear that ‘Im a Im a brown boy’ drop you know whats coming next, a heavy loop based production from Byg Byrd with Sunny Malton dropping bars and this time, throw into the mix the vocals of Deep Dhaliwal. If you are a fan of ‘Brown Boys’ this is right up your street, it has that Byg Byrd stamp all over it and Deep Dhaliwal’s vocal do keep you interested. This may well be grower but for now we just want more ‘Brown Boys’ productions being released.

Title: ‘No Fear’
Singer/Lyrics: Deep Dhaliwal
Rap/Lyrics: Sunny Malton



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