New Punjabi Song Pehla Pyar Ambi & Dilly ft Nachattar Gill


That totally distinctive voice, it can only be Nachattar Gill and he really does give you his full range on this his new Punjabi song ‘Pehla Pyar’ the music for the song is provided by UK producers Ambi & Dilly and the lyrics for the song are by Bhinder Khanpuri. The song has been released via E3UK.

Some voices are so distinctive as soon as you hear that first alaap you know who it is, Nachattar Gill has one of those voices and boy does he deliver on ‘Pehla Pyar’, a brilliant vocal performance. Musically Ambi and Dilly have done justice to the vocal with a fantastic instrumental for Mr Gill to flow on, all the elements on this track work, and for us it’s on the dukhi dill 2019 playlist, check out the video here via E3UK:

Title: Pehla Pyar
Singer: Nachattar Gill
Lyrics: Bhinder Khanpuri
Music: Ambi & Dilly

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