New Punjabi Song- Sacha Jhoota, Nimrat Khaira


One of the stand out females of 2018 has to be Nimrat Khaira, and as we now close the year Nimrat Khaira has released her latest Punjabi song Sacha Jhoota via her new label Brown Studios, music for the song ‘Sacha Johhta’ is provided by Preet Hundal and the lyrics are by Shah Ali.

The song ‘Sacha Johoota’ is a love ballad, hence why Preet Hundal was selected for the music, Nimrat Khaira’s voice makes the track special. Nimrat Khaira’s haunting vocals make the track feel personal and really do ensure you listen to the whole song. 2019 is going to be massive for Nimrat with some major releases and collaborations on the radar, yes bigger than 2018!

Sacha Jhoota is a good way to see out the year…

Check out the latest Punjabi song Sacha Jhoota by Nimrat Khaira here via Brown Studios:


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