New Punjabi Video, Dodge – Karam Bajwa, Music Ravi RBS


2018 has been a very impressive year for Karam Bajwa, his album ‘Defender’ has been working its way around the world since the release in March 2018. The latest song from the album to get a video is the song ‘Dodge’, the music for the song is from Ravi RBS and the lyrics are by Karam Bajwa himself.

If you are going to release videos separately to an already launched album, whats the one thing you have to ensure you do? You have to make sure you maximise mass appeal by making the video stand out as a separate piece of work and make people want to watch it. Karam Bajwa has done that with Dodge, the video is very stand out.

The song and video are very macho, and Bajwa does not hide away from that, this is testosterone fueled and a pure lads video!

Check out the latest Punjabi song from Karam Bajwa ‘Dodge’ here via Defender Squad:


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