New Solo Punjabi Song Court Marriage Gurlej Akhtar


Court Marriage Gurlej Akhtar: Leading Punjabi singer Gurlej Akhtar has released her latest song  Court Marriage. The music for the song is by Jatinder Jeetu. The lyrics have been penned by Bhinda Bawakhel.

2019 has been an amazing year for Gurlej Akhar. Hit songs, tours and very much in demand, and the lady is not about to stop for a rest. Court Marriage is a solo release that really highlights the vocal ability of the lady. This ballad is powerful and really does pull at the heartstrings. Gurlej Akhtar has released this via her own Youtube channel, which is a brave step away from the big labels. Let’s hope that this new channel sees more songs like this from Gurlej Akhtar in the future as the voice needs to be heard.

Singer – Gurlej Akhtar
Lyrics & Composer – Bhinda Bawakhel
Music – Jatinder Jeetu
Video – GORBI

The last solo release from Gurlej Akhtar was Feem Jatti. The song did well but was squeezed into a week where she had 4 other releases. So the song did get missed by quite a few. Gurlej was the only other Female Punjabi singer on the Diljit Dosanjh album ‘Roar’ on the song Mel Gel, check out the song here:


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