New Song From Rupinder Handa – Berukhiyan


Punjabi Ballad/Love Songs: If a Punjabi song starts in the rain then you know its a ballad, and this time it is Rupinder Handa seeing past the bouncing water with her latest release “Berukhiyan”

Rupinder in her previous two releases really has gone for more of a macho approach, but this is a real diversion from them, and it works. Vocally she delivers like only she can, a whirlwind with passion is how you would describe her vocals, said a friend?!

This is the style that makes Rupinder stand out, and if you are a dukhi kinda music listener, then this one deserves a spin or two, maybe in the shower for that full rain effect?

Check out the latest Rupinder Handa song “Berukhiyan” here, via Humble Records


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