New Song: Miss Pooja – Kashmir


Punjabi Pop: Miss Pooja is a Punjabi music icon, no matter how you look at it, you cannot deny that, and one thing she has mastered over the years is the quantity of releases, hit or miss it doesn’t matter as long as the name “Miss Pooja” is in lights and this her new track “Kashmir” definitely falls into the quantity and not quality basket.

Miss Pooja always plays the numbers games, and after her last track “Care” which was very traditional, we did expect a bit more of an pop tune, and that is exactly what “Kashmir” is. Lyrically it is, let’s say, not aimed at anyone over 10, and musically, well confusing is the word we would use, the video, well Miss Pooja does not age! Looking sharp as ever!

The rest we will leave up to you?


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