New: “This Party Is Over Now” & Honey Singh Winning Badshah Beef?


Honey Singh, he needs no hype, as soon as he puts out a release, you know the numbers and chips are stacking up, and this his latest release “This Party Is Over” from the forthcoming film Mitron will do exactly that for Sony Music India.

The song, its actually Honey Singh talking about the ills of drinking, so it runs with a message, but to see if it was a message from Honey Singh or just a sequence related to the film, only time will tell.

Honey Singh v Badshah – Beef

One thing is for sure, the title of the track is a subtle dig at Indian rapper Badshah.
Badshah has recently released tracks with digs at Honey Singh and proclaimed that he is now the darling of the India music scene. So it was only right for Honey Singh to put out his thoughts…. A video of the beef is added below. One thing is for sure Honey Singh has won this round.

Badshah had planned today to be the day for his new trackrelease, also on Sony, but Honey Singh called shotgun and took the date… Over to you Badshah

Check out the new song from Honey Singh here:

The beef, but why the narrator is calling it a rap battle is beyond us!



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